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We are happy to introduce the Fagola Blog, the new communication tool of Cervo Rampante. You will find here all the news on the Farm, on our products, on the Holiday farm, on the world of oil and good food. We will keep you updated on the events we participated in and on those we organize in our premises of Castelnuovo di Farfa (RI): tasting courses, tastings, guided visits (also for children), exhibitions, etc.



Speak of Us

Whilst the Italian economy remains stuck in recession, there is hope that one of the country’s quality food products, olive oil, could open up new markets in China…in the video on the BBC website “’Liquid gold? Italy eyes rush for olive oil in China’, you can also find us!


The prestigious Award

In June 2013, in Jerusalem, at the end of “Terra Olivo”, the Mediterranean International Extra-virgin Olive Oil Competition which, on the authority of its five tasting panels, one of Il Cervo Rampante’s products, the ‘Fiore Sabino Monocultivar Leccino’ was proclaimed ‘Best of Italy’, among the most esteemed and prestigious awards in the sector.

Another equally prestigious recognition, the ‘Prestige Gold’, was awarded to two of its products, the ‘Sabina DOP’ and the ‘Fiore Sabino Monocultivar Carboncella’.


New award, a successful year


Il Cervo Rampante won the prize PRESTIGE GOLD OLIVINUS 2013 with the extra virgin olive oil Fiore Sabino, Monocultivar Leccino.

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